Author Topic: 2021 Governance (Waldo free)  (Read 4153 times)

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Re: 2021 Federal Election Culture (Waldo free)
« Reply #150 on: September 22, 2021, 06:26:33 pm »
Yes based on identity politics where they openly discriminate against males and caucasians, which they call "diversity" and "equity" because that sounds a lot better.  But the black-faced white man who pushes this and who sexually assaulted a reporter and physically assaulted a female MP in Parliament gets to keep his job of course.

Parliament can select a different MP to be PM.
Once again…. You’re upset that political positions are selected politically.  It seems like a bizarre thing to be upset about.

I don’t care who’s in cabinet positions.  I’ll judge the government on how well they have done governing.  If Trudeau selected a harem, I wouldn’t care.  If they did a good job, I’d say he picked well.
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