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Re: 2021 Federal Election Culture (Waldo free)
« Reply #45 on: September 07, 2021, 05:47:14 pm »
Gun control (or the repeal of) is part of the Conservative Party’s platform!  They think it’s very important.  In their platform, they were to repeal the Liberal Government’s latest gun control laws.

Now, I think, they’re actually for those changes, or at least saying they aren’t going to repeal them.  This has really nothing to do with the Libs, but with the Conservative platform.    The fact that they’re not the least bit coherent is not Trudeau’s fault.

Criminals who deal in the trafficking of illegal drugs and illegal guns don't typically use legally acquired firearms. Trudeau is trying to make this a wedge issue, the fact that we're discussing it right now instead of other pressing issues is proof of that.  O'Toole hasn't been responding well to the tactic.
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