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Re: 2021 Federal Election Culture (Waldo free)
« Reply #15 on: August 31, 2021, 08:46:44 pm »
I WON'T be voting for O' Toole, but he appears to be pushing the wing nuts to the PPC. 

A hope for centrism.

I've decided that i'm likely going to vote CPC.  Reasoning:

1. Since the winner will almost certainly have a minority, having the CPC form government and needing one of the other leftwing parties to pass legislation means it will force the CPC and the government/legislation towards the center, which is what i want.  If the Liberals win even a minority they will just keep ignoring the CPC in legislation and find a leftwing party like NDP/Bloc to pass their leftwing agenda.  This means no crazy rightwing CPC agenda, no crazy Liberal/NDP leftwing agenda.

2. Hold Trudeau and his ilk accountable.
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