Author Topic: 2021 Governance (Waldo free)  (Read 4115 times)

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Re: 2021 Federal Election Culture (Waldo free)
« on: August 23, 2021, 08:18:32 pm »
Twitter adds label to MP Freeland’s Twitter posts calling it “manipulated media” for editing O’Toole responding to a question to make it seem he’s saying something he isn’t.

Most people call this lying.  Libs call it campaigning.

The transcript of the portion of the interview that was hacked up into Freeland's Tweet.  The highlighted portions are the bits that made it into the clip.  You can decide for yourself whether you feel the snippet in Freeland's video captures the spirit of what O'Toole is actually saying. I don't believe it does. I highly doubt that Freeland did the video editing herself for this; I assume it was conceived and executed up by the Liberal war room.  Still, she did put her name on it. I thought she was better than this.

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