Author Topic: Will the US (Trump regime) Manufacture Consent for an Attack on Iran?  (Read 56 times)

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Your source is an op-ed from a Russian-owned news site, so it's coverage isn't trustworthy.  There's no evidence to support your claim about Iran.

But there has been a shuffle recently and some resignations, with Trump loyalists replacing them.  Sounds like the former probably refused to do something.  Who knows what.  Could be something to do with China, maybe Hong Kong, who knows.

Trump has not been one to start military conflict, and certainly hasn't done so recklessly.  He's also been eyeing a 2024 run at POTUS apparently.

There's also a possibility that since the military could be involved in removing Trump from power, he wants his people in positions of power.  It won't get to that point most likely.

Monty seems to have a tendency to quote rather bogus sites it seems. And as much as I dislike Trump he's not a fascist, trying to launch military overthrows etc., or at least not demonstrated so yet. The military (Secret Service) would be tasked with removing Donny from the WH if it came to that but I suggest it will not. Trump is already showing signs today of admitting he lost and must concede. His ego of course gets in the way of sensibility but I think he finally sees the writing on the wall. Biden will be sworn in Jan 20th and a new chapter will open.