Author Topic: Will the US (Trump regime) Manufacture Consent for an Attack on Iran?  (Read 56 times)

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1. Who knows who the people in charge would be now?
2. Does Trump have the loyalty of any Christian Generals or Admirals?

3. There's no way this could happen unless consent is manufactured first of course.

4. This is just to air the possibilities for sake of keeping up interest in the forum with US foreign policy. Just something to put on our back burners.
1. Basically the descendents of those who were in charge before plus tech billionaires.

2. No but the whackos really seem to like him.

3. It's YOUR fantasy here - you can add anything you like. 

4. I don't like having my back burned. 

I am feeling great relief as 45's presence in the zeitgeist melts like that witch in the Wizard of Oz.  Pretty soon we should start to ridicule and ostrasize anybody who bought his bullshit... expunge expunge