Author Topic: White Supremacy's Death Toll for 2019  (Read 321 times)

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Re: White Supremacy's Death Toll for 2019
« on: April 30, 2019, 07:55:36 pm »
I have never understood why Jews are so hated in the World. Is it because of Christian antisemitism in the past?  Is it because of Muslim antisemitism today?  Or is it because people are jealous of Jews, since they place such a strong emphasis on education, and are the wealthiest ethnic group in the Western World?

Certainly what MH said is one explanation and his explanation in further detail can be found at:

Here's another article that can give you an answer.

I think its a complex question with no easy answer but I would say this to you. Anti Semitism has mutated into a new version of an older version.

I think its easy today to use Israel as  a pretext to couch words that direct comments towards all Jews that facilitate the ability to be able to express hatred for Jews justifying it as only hatred of Israel. Usually that hatred though is expressed as a hatred of Israel being Jewish. You will see people say because Israel is a "Jewish" state that makes it "racist". No one calls the United Kingdom racist for being an Anglican state or the Vatican City being racist for being a Catholic state. No one calls Muslim states racist for being Muslim states or India racist for its connection to Hinduism.

So for we Jews we want to know, why is it that if a Jew wants to define himself through a national identity its racist but if a Muslim does it, its not. Have you ever heard those calling Israeli Jews Zionist racists ever say that about Anglicans in the United Kingdom or Muslims in Muslim states?

If you look to the way Jews are defined in Islam you will see we are defined as dhimmi and in the Arab world we are known as kafir, dirty people. We are defined as inferior not allowed to own land, have the same legal rights or live with Muslims. No one discusses that and says the Islamic religion as its practiced in law in many Muslim states defining Jews as dhimmi is apartheid racism-they will look the other way but they will call Jews who are Israeli racist for having a state. They will also claim calling a Jew a racist for defining his Jewishness through nationality is not a bigoted double standard against Jews-I call that a bigoted standard and a new form of anti Semitism-one which defines Jews as the only people on this planet not allowed to express themselves through a collective national identity.
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