Author Topic: White Supremacy's Death Toll for 2019  (Read 319 times)

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Re: White Supremacy's Death Toll for 2019
« on: April 28, 2019, 02:07:59 am »
Jews are no cultural/racial threat to westerners and they have a small on not very growing population, so I see that as simply the antisemites feeling emboldened.
Like I said: I see it as angry young men embracing a social taboo. I find it hard to believe that resentment towards Jews is anything more than an unconscious attempt to imitate white supremacists from the past rather than a resentment arising from the actual life experiences.
There's no way you're going to see an entire civilization become a minority over several decades without all sorts of violence.  This is likely the new normal.
This is puzzling for me. A civilization is a culture not a race. When I meet/see young Canadians of any background embracing the pillars of western culture (free speech, democracy, scientific method, et. al.) then I see the culture continuing. I get concerned when I see so called Canadians rejecting those values even if they are white.