Author Topic: - The Shambolic State of Mental Health Care; How Many More Lives Down the Drain?  (Read 79 times)

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Mental health care has never been the greatest. Back when we actually had institutions to treat people with mental health issues they were about as scientifically/medically advanced as witch doctors. Then the conservatives wanted to save money and the liberals wanted to give people 'their rights' and we released them all into the streets. But we did not set up an expensive system to treat them. Why? Maybe because mental health isn't as visible as a broken leg. I don't know. But even those who seek psychiatric help have long waiting lists, just like those seeking treatment for addiction. It's absurd and disgraceful. It's also one of those penny-wise, pound foolish things that government of all stripes have a distressing habit of indulging in.

"Look at how good I am at keeping your taxes down by saving a million dollars on road maintenance."

Then the community pays an extra two million in automobile maintenance and repair.

"We can't afford to treat all these people!"

Then the community pays twice as much in emergency care, in welfare for unemployable people, and in continuing law and order problems.

The problem is the community doesn't pay enough attention to what is happening. They just take in that taxes are being kept low and nod approvingly. Idiots.
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