Author Topic: The sad state of the (UN) United States  (Read 15206 times)

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Re: The sad state of the (UN) United States
« Reply #30 on: November 19, 2021, 04:34:35 pm »
Kyle Rittenhouse, the little wannabe cop turned vigilante who killed two people and seriously injured a third, was acquitted by an overwhelmingly white jury.

I dunno how this doesn't codify the right of anyone* to go out armed, start trouble and then shoot someone and claim self-defense. What a **** up country.
In that state you're allowed to open carry. Might be dumb as **** but it's the law. The people killed were attacking him at the time, even as he ran away. That's a pretty powerful argument for self-defense. Maybe it's not such a bright idea to chase after a guy holding an AK47 screaming threats to kill him.

One of those killed was a convicted child molester. The funniest quote I heard was 'He died doing what he loved, chasing after minors."

*white people

Are great people! Or had you meant to suggest something else?
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