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Re: The Ron DeSantis Thread
« Reply #240 on: November 09, 2022, 04:10:12 am »
Classy and very democratic of Trump to say he'll reveal shlt about him if he dares to try to run for president. Not surprising at all though.
I certainly hope the 2 of them end up in a huge political brawl that tears the republican party apart.

They deserve it. After pledging allegiance to a racist con-artist who couldn't win an election without Russian assistance, republicans should have taken the high-road and distanced themselves from Trump at the first opportunity. (They had 2 impeachments that would have done the job.) But they stuck with him.

Then they lost the senate during the 2020 elections (seen as partly due to Trump's involvement). The 2022 midterms are not going as well for the republicans as expected... many of Trump's endorsed candidates are losing, and republicans have complained that millions of dollars that Trump has collected via his various political groups weren't used to support congressional candidates. (Well duh... he's a egotistical con-artist... what did you think he was going to do with the money?)

Seeing Stubby McBonespurs and Deathsantis going at each other like Ren and Stimpy might just weaken both candidates and help democracy survive. Trump has his MAGAchud cult, Deathsantis supposedly has more mainstream republicans who are probably in a panic at the thought that Trump might pout and take his ball home, and burn everything to the ground on his way out.