Author Topic: The Me-Too Movement - Is Merit and Skill on the Job Important?  (Read 263 times)

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Again, what does his conduct towards his female others have to do with his qualification for the job?

Well, some American lawyers, like Clinton special prosecutor Ken Starr, took the view that no sin was too small to overlook, even for the President of the United States.

Other American lawyers, like Baylor president Ken Starr, took the view that if their football players were good at scoring touchdowns, no sin of theirs was too great to cover up.

As an American lawyer yourself, I guess it's up to you to decide whether you share the views of Ken Starr or Ken Starr.

Nobody made El Trumpo fire Rob Porter. He could have stood by his coffee-boy to the end, if he had wanted.  Maybe Trump is, as the alt-right would say, "a cuck" for getting told what to do by some crybaby snowflake feminists. Or maybe Trump just decided that Porter's coffee isn't good enough to be worth the hassle.

"High-energy guy, works really hard, very hard worker, Rob Porter. He is terrific, he really is. He always gets my so coffee fast, he's so fast you wouldn't even believe it. Rob always gets the sugar and the creme just right, very good coffee, very good coffee, it's so good. I tell people, I have the best coffee guy, Rob Porter, he really is the best, the creme and the sugar are always just perfect. Everybody says Rob's coffee is the best, they just love it. I tell people, if the rest of this administration could work like Rob Porter, we would get so much work done, you wouldn't even believe it, it's amazing. Very good coffee guy, Rob, best coffee guy I ever had, I tell people I have the best people. You know he can even do those little swirls in the foam on your coffee that look like kittens and owls. So talented, such a talented guy. I tell people, look at these kittens on my coffee, where can you even find a coffee guy who does stuff like that for you these days? Truly, truly, wonderful.  I hope there's a great future ahead at Starbucks for Rob, I really do, I think he's terrific."

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