Author Topic: The Me-Too Movement - Is Merit and Skill on the Job Important?  (Read 278 times)

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But we're not talking about child molesters. Should Shawn Bubel be barred from running for office because of his facebook postings?

JBG wanted to talk about Rob Porter. Porter isn't a child molester, he's just a wife-beater.  Is that really a much better class of person?

JBG wanted to talk about whether merit should have a role in this... like we can fire this wife-beater because he's expendable, but this other wife-beater we should keep because he's really good at his job.

Also, what even is Rob Porter's job?  "White House Staff Secretary"?  What does that actually mean? Is he the White House coffee-boy? Is he the White House covfefe-boy?  Is the White House Staff Secretary a crucial job that only a select few are capable of handling?  Is this such an elite skillset that you have to overlook a guy's issues because his skills are just too difficult to replace?

I suggest that maybe if you're a wife-beater then maybe a career in the political sphere isn't in the cards.

It's a strange and suspicious reversal of roles for the Democrats/Liberals to suddenly get puritanical.

Earlier you felt that the furor over Larry Nasser was a #MeToo issue when it was in fact a child molestation issue. Now you've apparently concluded that the controversy over Rob Porter is a #MeToo issue when actually it's a spousal battery issue.  It has nothing to do with puritanism.

And let me tell you: if the Republicans have decided that spousal battery is now a partisan issue, they are more morally broken and ethically bankrupt then I'd even imagined possible.

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