Author Topic: The Me-Too Movement - Is Merit and Skill on the Job Important?  (Read 278 times)

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Society seems to be taking a puritan attitude towards anyone in the public eye, especially politics. They have to be 'more Catholic than the pope' and never say or do anything immoral, unethical or controversial (Trump exepted). A guy who was expected to run in the upcoming election in Ontario quit because a paper discovered a few past facebook postings, some years old, which were vaguely naughty. They were bascially the kind of facebook posts almost any young man might post, but in today's atmosphere regular guys are anathema.

Some of Bubel’s posts over the past several years, obtained by the Star, include:

Photo of a man wearing a T-shirt saying: “I’d rather be snorting **** off a hooker’s a--.”

Writing “I feel like I need a shower” after walking in downtown Barrie, where he says he “can’t walk 20 feet without getting hit up for change.”
Commenting “I would NEVER call you an elite . . . c---s----- maybe.”
A joke about a man punching a female monkey in the face before she performs oral sex.
Photo of a cheerleader holding a sign saying “c---s.”

And all this seems part of the social media environment in which people hunt down those who post or say outrageous things (or things the sensitive think are outrageous), then call up their bosses to try and get them fired. Remember the two toronto firefighters fired for social media posts? Those two were the sort almost any young man might jokingly post.

Two Toronto firefighters, Matt Bowman and Lawaun Edwards, lost their jobs in 2013, according to the Sun, after posting “misogynistic and offensive tweets.” One post by Bowman read, “I’d never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried I’d be like HEY! You get your b—- ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie.” Another by Edwards asked if smacking a woman in the back of the head would be considered “abuse or a way to reset the brain.” The posts were deemed to be in violation of city policy. The men challenged their dismissals. Bowman’s was upheld and Edwards was reinstated.
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