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Re: The Joe Biden Thread
« Reply #285 on: October 26, 2020, 01:14:09 pm »
I've already said several times that I'm really not convinced which one of them will be the best choice for foreign policy. I think a lot of Canadians have got themselves wrapped up int their domestic politics and are ignoring the possibilities of the US turning to more aggressive foreign policy with a Biden win.
Ummm... why? The Democrats have never been particularly militaristic. During Obama's tenure, the U.S. was involved in Libya, but the U.S. didn't initiate it, and was just acting in response to an ongoing problem.

Plus, Democrats are likely to spend more on things like foreign aid and other elements of 'soft power', that tends to decrease the chance of international conflict.

While Trump hasn't engaged in any new military conflicts, that seems to be more due to luck than anything else. (And remember, the number of drone strikes has greatly increased under Trump, while at the same time oversight has decreased. Not a good combination.)


A daily visit to and would be enlightening for many people on this board.
Why? RT is known as a site that combines a pro-russia bias with conspiracy theories.  Antiwar is a little bit more sane, but they still have a strong libertarian bias.
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