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Re: The Joe Biden Thread
« Reply #75 on: October 09, 2020, 02:34:05 am »
Right now the polls seem to indicate Biden is approaching landslide territory.  Of course, at the same time 4 years ago we thought the same thing. And who knows what might happen in the next 4 weeks.  But as it stands, states that are typically swing states are looking very blue, and many states that are usually red are looking like swing states.

I was also looking at senate races today.  Right now the senate is 53-47 for the Republicans, so the Democrats need to flip minimum 3 seats.  The Republicans are almost certain to win back the Democrats' Alabama senate seat, and the Democrats appear almost certain to take the Republicans' Arizona senate seat, so that's a draw. 

But there are a number of other senate seats that are seen as possible gains for the Democrats, while few prospects for Republicans gaining seats. Polling shows the Democrats have strong chances in Maine, Colorado, and North Carolina. They are also very close in Montana, South Carolina, and Iowa. The Republicans have a competitive race in Michigan, but (aside from Alabama) that appears to be their only chance of gaining a seat.

Right now 538 has the Democrats as a slight favorite to regain control of the senate.

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