Author Topic: The Fruitful Garden (of right-wing AM radio) is dying  (Read 62 times)

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Re: The Fruitful Garden (of right-wing AM radio) is dying
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:16:45 pm »
I think it's more fundamental than that... I think this is a format that only old people care about, and the audience is literally dying out.

When I lived in Ottawa, an "alternative rock" station switched to a country format basically overnight. An analyst said, basically, that they had lots of listeners... but they were mostly males 25 and under, and there's only so many advertisers trying to reach that market. One suspects that vape shops, bodybuilding supplement shops, and payday lending services just don't have enough advertising dollars to keep a radio station afloat. (although, payday lending services seem to be on the decline. A couple of them have closed their locations here, and I can't recall hearing an ad for one since forever. Is that a sign of the booming economy in Kim City? I digress.)  In regard to AM talk radio, one suspects a similar problem. Funeral homes, will-writing services, and RV dealerships likewise just aren't big enough to support a radio station.

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