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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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Well, THAT was money well spent...

...former Florida Solicitor General Chris Kise was paid a whopping $3 million advance to represent the former president after the FBI seized 11,000 sensitive files from his Florida home....Kise was officially sidelined from the federal probe by Tuesday. CNN reported that the lawyer is expected to stay on Trumpís legal team but will not be leading the defense.

Trump's current team of lawyers has been... less than stellar (one used to be the lawyer for a parking garage, one was a former TV host. And some of them might be in legal trouble themselves for lying that "all documents were returned".) Supposedly Kise was some sort of big name/superstar, so to see him take a secondary role has lead to all sorts of speculation....

- He might end up representing Trump in some of his other legal cases (such as the civil suite over financial fraud)
- Despite initial reports that he was paid up front, maybe Trump decided to stiff him somehow
- He may have tried to get Trump to follow actual reasonable legal advice, something that would seem contradictory to a man who almost confesses to crimes on a regular basis during his rallies