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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6300 on: October 20, 2020, 01:43:55 pm »
If we're finished on speculating who will win the presidency waldo, how about a little bet? I'll wager that the popular position will be to not charge Trump with any crimes. Americans consider their presidents to be gods and also the probability of violence by the extreme rightists if charges are pursued.
It is certainly true that in the one case where charges were most warranted (i.e. Nixon), that no criminal charges were laid. It is certainly possible that the same thing could happen with Stubby McBonespurs. (I could certainly see Biden using the same excuses used with Nixon... "we must heal the nation", etc.) This could either take the form of an actual pardon, or just a desire not to prosecute him

There are a few differences however:
- Nixon's pardon was granted by Ford (a fellow Republican). However, even though Biden is a moderate, he is still a Democrat (as would whomever he nominates to be his AG).
- The political system is much more polarized now than it was in the 70s. Nixon was forced out of office in part by Republicans who said "its time to go". In the current environment, the republican party is falling lock-step behind Trump, regardless of what he does. Its harder for the Democrats to justify extending an olive branch to the republicans in that situation.
- Nixon was a flawed president who engaged in criminal activity. But, he at least did SOME good that even the Democrats might have supported... started the EPA, opened relations with China. And at least he kept his racism a bit more discrete. Trump? Not so much. With his leading chants of "lock her up", calls for racists to "stand by", etc. its hard to have the same sort of sympathy for him.