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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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Re: Probability of Trump pardoning himself....
Presidents can only give pardons for federal crimes. If they can get him for violating state statutes, he will be toast.
Are there any examples of state crimes wilbur? You must have something in mind if you suggest it.
Much of Trump's businesses have been based in New York, so that means they would have jurisdiction over much of his criminal activity.

Currently, New York is investigating whether Trump engaged in bank/financial fraud by overstating the value of some of his properties when trying to obtain loans. Similarly he might be guilty of tax fraud by understating the value of those same properties.

From: (Journalist Greg Walters)
The Manhattan DA just told a court there's grounds to investigate Trump and his business for fraud -- and got very specific about which statutes:
-Scheme to Defraud
-Falsification of Business Records
-Insurance Fraud
-Criminal Tax Fraud