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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6270 on: October 19, 2020, 12:08:24 pm »
I can't... won't give consideration to Trump actually winning another term; current electoral college projections suggest Trump just can't reach the magic number!

of course the key will be if the Democratic Party can gain control of the Senate (retaining the House seems a lock). Biden plays up his ability to work with Republicans but I can't see that country divide coming together until the Senate 'flips'. At that point Democrats can begin to undo much of the nonsense Trump "accomplished" - both domestic and international, particularly taking on global authoritarianism, re-joining the Paris Accord, joining CPTPP, smoothing relations with allies/NATO, etc.. Biden has already hinted at such moves but is being somewhat reserved... for now. As always, there's a continued/increased theme for more Canadian diversification away from such a heavy reliance on trade with the U.S. - but I see a Biden admin working to strengthen trade/military ties with Canada even further... which will be a part of the broader thrusts against China that should be seen through the influence of the U.S. back in the (CP)TPP fold. I can see one of the first actions Biden might take is to re-join the nuclear treaty with Europe/Iran. Speculation abounds and until we begin to see just where Biden goes, it's almost an exercise in 'wishful' thinking.

hey now! That site brought back some real memories... it's been many years since I've followed it; but I always relied upon it to provide status & death/injury counts for military and civilians in Iraq/Afghanistan.

I just can't see how China would prefer Biden over Trump, if all the election  politics are discounted.

The nuclear treaty with Iran would definitely be a step forward for world peace but I sense it's been made so unpopular by US propagandists that Biden can't mention it. I also have to question whether he could possibly do it, against the prowar rhetoric in the US.

Yes, is telling in that they have always been more right leaning than antiwar and that hasn't changed with Trump. I find no antiwar value in that site now but still find it useful as a barometer of US foreign policy. Especially as that relates to Russia and China to a lesser extent.

On US domestic policy, I see no real change coming about with the election of Biden. Their lack of socially responsible capitalism is far deeper than just Trump. The US is hiding the truths  about the poverty of the ordinary people and the people are brainwashed into accepting being ripped off.

If that can change within the US then maybe there will be a chance of improved US foreign policy and less US led wars. About 40 US wars of aggression since WW2 speaks pretty loudly against the threat of Russia is coming, Russia is coming.
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