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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6270 on: October 18, 2020, 12:31:26 pm »
at the recent Trumpy town hall, moderator Savannah Guthrie pressed him over his tweeting of conspiracy 'theories'... citing in particular his recent crazy tweet concerning former U.S. President Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, and Navy SEALs all conspiring to fake the death of Bin Laden. Trump responds: "I know nothing about it. That was a retweet. That was an opinion from somebody. Iíll put it out there ó people can decide".

Waldo, what's your opinion on Trump remaining as president, as it will apply to Canada?  We know all his negatives and how he's destroying that country but is he necessarily bad for Canada? I tend to try to separate all the election rhetoric from the way he will actually play his part as president, bearing in mind that he will most likely be reduced to a loud mouth figurehead on the foreign policy scene.

Biden, the alternative strikes me as pretty weak kneed on determination and thus could pose a real danger on US foreign policy. Especiallly on Russia after all the hate rhetoric that's being spewed by the Dems and their media.

I see great danger ahead as the US has now come to a crossroads as it pertains to world power. The next 4 years will mean so much for China's attempt to overtake the US and the US isn't going to forfeit it's position as the world's economic leader easily.

There's little doubt that the antiwar faction in the US is siding with Trump, if that's any indication. I check out every day to see the current handling of US foreign policy threats, because it's useful information.

As to the US military threat to the world, I think we're still relatively safe because of the M.A.D. factor that is still respected by the US. There will be small skirmishes as usual but keeping those to a minimum may be more possible under a Trump regime?

As to my own opinion, I'm pretty close to neutral because of the damage Trump can do to US domestic policy. That has the ability to keep them involved trying to hold their country together while China is left less impeded by US foreign policy.

China's and Russia's rise is going to make for a very risky 4 or more years and so will the choice of a president be a major factor?

I should also just add that I believe Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and others are safe now from allout US invasion and war, due to Russia's and China's world interests the US must now respect.
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