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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6255 on: October 11, 2020, 11:38:34 am »
while Biden isn't exactly a far left progressive candidate, he's not a "republican in democrat clothing" either. He does have plans o make the wealthy pay more in taxes. he does have plans to address climate change. He does have plans to provide health care to more Americans.I guess the question is, will Sanders actually stick around the Democratic party this time. Remember, he's been sitting as an independent senator for years, and only becomes a Democrat when he wants to hijack the party for his own purposes. (Hmmmm... I wonder if he ever thought that if he actually, you know, BECAME a democrat, he might have had enough support within the party to win the primaries, rather than saying "boo! Hiss! You're evil! Now support me while I run for president". Ummm... no he wouldn't.

On any and all issues Biden will do what he needs to do to stay popular. If addresing AGW is important to Americans then Biden will respons accordingly. If it doesn't become important then he won't.

A decent health care plan for all Americans is far off on the horizon because the popular demand overall is lacking.

Trump has given us a trade war, with tariffs slapped on things like steel and aluminium (even after we signed our free trade deal). One of his closet advisors has made some pretty stupid comments that have affected Canada/US relations. [/quote]

Everything Trump does on foreign relations are only for his own re-election interests. If he's elected he will be a different person altogether.

Then there are also the policies and actions that Trump has that aren't directly related to Canada, but will harm us regardless... his covid response will mean that the disease will continue to affect the world for much longer than it should (which affects Canada, since we share so much trade as well as a common border). His environmental policies (e.g. global warming denial) will impact all countries in the world, since carbon dioxide does not stop a the American borders. And his financial incompetence risks damaging the American economy, which will end up dragging the whole global economy down with it.

Trump knows he's lost the battle on Covid but he has to continue his stance until he's elected. After that he would come around to being mainstream sane on Covid. Trump wants to be on the right side of the debate on Covid.

As to Biden? You need to understand that bringing about social change for the people requires a break from the establishment American way. I see no indication that Biden could be the one to upset that apple cart. There's too much big money involved for him and more obviously the Democrat senators and House members. The only glimmer of hope for a breakout for America is in Bernie. But Bernie could do enough convincing of the people so that the Dems and the people come to demand Biden make the necessary changes.
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