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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6255 on: October 10, 2020, 11:10:21 am »
No doubt Biden is a better choice but he won't be the 'fix' that's needed for America. So even if Trump is defeated and eliminated, their country won't change much for the long-suffering people. And then why would anybody think that the rabid right element will stop their mission to kill black people.

Biden represents the establishment American way and anybody who listens to him should know. But the positive side of a Biden win is in Bernie working from within the party to change it to become a socially responsible party for the people.

Biden's popularity is not huge and if it was then Trump's support should be much lower than it still is.

Do we as Canadians really care? The negatives of Trump are mostly in their domestic policy. Trump could prove to be better for Canada because he won't honour any promises to his people when trade relations and profiting for the very wealthy class are his real priorities. He would be better for Canada than Biden and almost certainly better for China.

The disclaimer confirmation can work to protect him from being responsible in that event but it can't protect him for the infections he's already been responsible for. For that reason it can be seen as an admission of guilt as well as an acknowledgment of the danger.
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