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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #6240 on: October 09, 2020, 01:49:35 pm »
Trump as it seems to be so easily forgotten or overlooked is a symptom of a deeply rooted malaise, he is not the cause. It's probably unrealistic to assume America will just turn around with the removal of Donald Trump from office.  Inertia alone is enough to maintain America's headlong plunge down the same direction it's been heading for decades and the slope is so heavily loaded with other 8-balls they act like marbles under foot. 

There was a brief moment following the 2nd WW when the beacon burned as brightly as it ever has but then there seems to have been a backlash against a dilution of American exceptionalism and manifest destiny as evidenced by its reaction to civil rights, minority rights and democratic rights, especially those of people in other countries. Donald Trump is merely a reflection of the bullying self-absorbed narcissistic nation he leads and whose dysfunction is now so evident there is nowhere to turn.   Laughing at a cornered desperate narcissist that's nuclear armed seems a reckless course but maybe its like laughing in the face of danger when the time to change course has likely passed.

There was no such moment.  There was a moment for working class white people perhaps, but only for a generation or so.  The shining moment is coming.  When you think about how easy it would be: the younger generation have been ripped off by trickle down for 40 years.  Once the benefactors die off (over the next ten years) it would be easy as a dog shaking off excess water.

Hard left turn ahead...