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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #5355 on: December 10, 2019, 11:07:58 am »
Ok, here is a weird dream. I woke up early this morning, and since I had recorded the judicial hearing from yesterday I started to play that. After almost 2 hours (Goldman was giving his opening testimony) I fell asleep.

In my dream I was part of some preparatory meeting for a trial/hearing. There were a large group of us discussing the upcoming event and doing things like mock speeches, etc. My role was not a lawyer or witness, but rather I appeared to be taking notes. Then in my dream I fell asleep (I guess recursive dreaming), and when I woke up there were many more pages (2-3 dozen) in my notebook. I was puzzled, because the pages were all drawings. Most were like courtroom sketches, but more about recreation of what happened based on testimony rather than the actual trial. They were very good quality sketches, most pencil sketches but a couple were full colour. I was puzzled because both in real life, and I suppose in my dream life, I have zero artistic talent.

This meeting was being held in an outdoor setting, which jives with my real life (and assumed dream life) because I am often outside both when alone or in groups (canoeing, around a campfire, etc.). It of course doesn't seem realistic for a preparatory meeting for a trail/hearing, but then I have never been part of one so what do I know. The group started with maybe 8-10 of us, and grew over time to a couple of dozen or more. The leader of the group was in a military uniform (fatigues, not dress), and there might have been a couple of others in military wear but most were in civies.

As things started to wrap up I asked the leader what role he wanted me to play, perhaps because I was wondering if he noticed me doze off during the meeting. He began to answer me, but got diverted onto another discussion so I never found out. Most of us adjourned to another location, also outside but instead of being in the middle of the woods was near a building I couldn't make out. Several people were in a lineup near a corner of the building, and slowly going around out of sight. I joined that subset and as I got around the corner I noticed they were getting coffee at a drive through, although they were all walking and not in cars.

It was about then that I woke up for real. The hearing was still playing on my television, although we were now over 4 hours into the hearing. I rewound to the place I dozed off, which I soon found. I could clearly recall up to where Goldman was giving his deposition, and around when he started playing tape of Sondland things got fuzzy so I knew about where I fell asleep. It was now daylight, so I got up and don't know much more of the real judicial hearing.
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