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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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So last week Trump met with Republican senators who are working on the Trumpcare bill.  According to sources, he told the senators that the version of the bill passed by Congress is "mean, mean, mean", "cold hearted", and "a son of a bitch."  He encouraged them to make a bill that's "generous, kind, with heart".

...ummm... I feel kind of uncomfortable saying this, but yay Trump?
I'm actually kind of disappointed.

What I want is for Trump and the republicans to follow through on each and every one of their campaign promises, including repealing and replacing Obamacare. Why? Because so many of their supporters bought into a load of bunk about Trump "fixing" health care (when in reality he had no idea what he was doing). And statistically Trump supporters are more reliant on Obamacare than Democrat supporters. Like the ex-coal miners who voted for Trump because he "promised to bring coal mining jobs back" (hint: he won't) but rely on Obamacare for insurance.

I want Trump supporters to hurt, and hurt bad. I want to see the coal miners with black-lung who can only get treatment thanks to Obamacare to see their insurance premiums spike, or get cancelled altogether as the republicans "fix" health care.

Maybe then, it will get through to them: Voting in a racist orangutan who lies constantly and makes promises that have no chance of being fulfilled is a bad idea.