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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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It's not fear, it's Trudeau's style.  He knows he has to work with him, so he's going to.  It's why he's managed to tame him in a way that none of the others in the group can (with the possible exception of Abe - Merkel doesn't have to tame him, so she doesn't even try).

"He knows he has to work" with him indeed, but with a trade deficit and Trump and his threats of ripping up NAFTA, the ball in in Trump's court and fear does play a role in the Trudeau's knowledge that he has to work with Trump.

In any case, I wasn't criticizing Trudeau.  All I meant, is that I wish he were in a better position to troll Trump the way Macron did (he is PET's son, after all).

But he can't.