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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« Reply #1530 on: February 05, 2018, 05:40:00 am »
Yawn. You vomit BS over any thread whenever any dares to violate the precepts of your cult. Most people can simply accept that not everyone shares the same opinion - but not you. Any heresy can never be left unanswered and you mess up the forum for everyone else.  You wallow in the illusion that people are unable to respond to your nonsense but what is really happening is others have the maturity to back off to avoid adding to the chaos.

yawn - says you, the grandInitiator! It's your as you say, "messing up the forum", off-topic and unrelated thread denier/fake-skeptic BS I'm responding to. Are you exercising your declared maturity when you continue, ad nauseum, dropping your off-topic/unrelated thread BS? Is it your declared maturity you're showing when you, in kind, respond to these replies to your very initiations? Punting your (typically unsubstantiated opinion) off-topic and unrelated BS with actual citations, with actual facts, is most inconvenient to/for you!

nothing is sweeter, nothing is more telling than reading you lashing out by declaring anyone who calls out your denier/fake-skeptic BS as being ideologically driven and following the "religion/cult" of legitimate science and knowledge provided by a world-wide network of hundreds upon hundreds of organizations/groups/institutions/etc., of thousands upon thousands of active working and reputable scientists. The wallowing illusion you speak of, an illusion of grandTrumpiness - that's you believing your unsubstantiated opinions trump actual facts, actual science!

(note: did you see what I did there with that prior sentence... thread relevance!)