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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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On the other hand, those who would dismiss 'expertise' because it doesn't align with their values or because they've made a subjective decision that politicians are 'virtue signalling' or 'in the pocket' or 'some other agenda' and should thus be ignored/dismissed aren't doing us any favors, either.
I don't disagree - but there is a middle ground that I wish more people would look for:

1) Separate the science based analyses from the political decision making which must incorporate values and economics;
2) Acknowledge the uncertainties implicit in many fields of knowledge and that deciding what to do about risks is a values based decision.

For example, the pipeline to the west coast is about nothing but values at this point. On one side you have people that few that jobs for people they don't know means nothing if they must accept even a small risk. On the other you have people who feel that well being of the economy is more important and the risks can be managed with proper oversight.

No amount of science will change the opinion of either side and one side it going to see its values stomped on because the anti-pipeline crowd refuses to compromise (the pro-pipeline side has already compromised a fair amount with carbon taxes and numerous other concessions). I don't know which will end up losing at this point.
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