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Re: The Donald Trump Thread
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the more 'official' Democratic Party response to the Nunes memo (from the same Intelligence Committee) is yet to be released. However, Rep. Nadler (ranking member of the House committee on the Judiciary) who has seen the Carter Page FISA warrant, earlier this afternoon sent a rebuttal to the Nunes memo to all his Democratic colleagues in the House:

I. The FISA court found probable cause to believe that Carter Page is an agent of a foreign power. Nothing in the Nunes memo rules out the possibility that considerable evidence beyond the Steele dossier helped the court reach that conclusion.

II. Christopher Steele is a recognized expert on Russia and organized crime.

III. The Nunes memo provides no credible basis whatsoever for removing Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General.

IV. The Nunes memo shows that House Republicans are now part and parcel to an organized effort to obstruct the Special Counselís investigation.