Author Topic: Rep. Gaetz (Trump supporter) being extorted  (Read 161 times)

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Re: Rep. Gaetz (Trump supporter) being extorted
« on: April 08, 2021, 12:33:10 pm »
Rep. Gaetz (Trump supporter) being extorted

Oh wait...  no he’s not...  he’s a pervert who is being investigated for messing around with a minor.  The investigation has been ongoing for months, started under the Trump administration.
There is certainly a lot of shadyness going on with Gaetz. In addition to him supposedly engaging in 'sex trafficking' (transporting a minor across borders), there are stories that:
- He was showing **** photos of women he supposedly slept with, right in the congressional chamber
- He had asked for a 'blanket pardon' from Stubby McBonespurs
- He made a trip to the Carribean with a friend who was a doctor and 'marijuana entrepreneur' and some paid escorts
- He and his political buddy Joel Greenberg made a very creepy telephone call to a Florida Democratic politician
- Gaetz and Greenberg have been caught on security video in an area where IDs were kept. (And keep in mind that Greenberg is being accused of stalking and having fake IDs, so the 2 of them being around that sort of thing is.... suspicious)

In all of this, Gaetz has gotten little or no support from Republicans. (Possibly because many recognize the danger someone like him represents to future election success. Doesn't help that he has spent a significant amount of time attacking other republicans.) In fact it is possible that many accusations actually come from other Republicans. Trump's response has been.... limited (just basically said "he claims he didn't do it"). And when Gaetz went on Tucker Carlson's show, Carlson basically called the interview 'weird'.

He only claims he is being extorted.
One of the weird parts of the situation.

Of course, even if there WAS some extortion involved, it would likely only be effective if he actually did the things he was accused of.
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