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Re: Religion Dying in the US
« on: December 03, 2020, 10:01:54 am »
So is the end of religion reflected in the rise of narcissist politics ?

Religions are inherently narcissistic.  ďIím right, youír wrong...  one true god...  blah, blahĒ.   Narcissist politics is perfect for religion.  Why would you think it isnít?

Ie. The good part of religion drains out and leaves the chauvinism only.  The bad part of materialism and egoism remains unchecked because the moralizing of religion is replaced by an odd moralist patriotism.

The moralizing of religion never did work...  unless you think things like gay marriage, or equal rights for women were contained within those religious morals...   Religion is dragged kicking and screaming by progressive society.

We need a codified moral sphere, or a new shared morality embodied in a group of people or a movement.

How is it coded in religion now?  Give me an example.