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Re: Post US Election Transition Culture
« Reply #675 on: March 09, 2021, 03:29:39 pm »
I donít think you can blame the film because some people may see it in a twisted way as supporting their position, or worse, use it to justify their terrible beliefs/behaviour.

There are people who are going to say  ďYeah...  Michael Douglasí character had it all rightĒ!   Youíre criticizing the film and its creator because a whack-a-doodle might sympathize with the character that it is satirizing. Personally, thatís not the way I would look at the film.  Luckily, itís just our opinions and Iím free to enjoy it and youíre free to turn the channel.

If the film makes it easy to be sympathetic to the character by putting him in relatable situations and having him react in ways we've probably secretly wanted to at one point or another or by showing him reacting in horror to a Nazi spewing racist slurs, then yeah I think you can criticize them for failing to make the point clear enough. it's a fine line and it's not that I think the movie is bad for that reason, it's just not going to land the way it's supposed to for everyone.
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