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Re: Post US Election Transition Culture
« Reply #675 on: March 09, 2021, 03:16:38 pm »
Because it wasnít for you, it must have been a terrible film that downplayed the violence and was misogynistic and racist, right? 

(Sarcasm...   that seems to be the thinking of some who donít like the movie)

Can't really comment on the movie since I didn't finish it.  My reason for not finishing it was "do i want to watch a disturbing movie about a man who goes postal in this 2 hour window i have for some relaxing entertainment?".  Since at that time my answer was no, I turned on Family Guy.

The plot sounds like a disturbingly accurate description of people who get frustrated with life's troubles and go crazy.  We see that on the news with school shootings and whatnot.  I think when you add guns to the male propensity for violence when frustrations boil over you get a dangerous combo, which is why i'm not a fan of guns.
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