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Re: Post US Election Transition Culture
« Reply #675 on: March 09, 2021, 12:55:48 pm »
Black Dogís got it. Itís an excellent film. Starship Troopers had a similar problem. People took it seriously when itís satirizing war.

I donít think you can blame the film because some people may see it in a twisted way as supporting their position, or worse, use it to justify their terrible beliefs/behaviour.

There are people who are going to say  ďYeah...  Michael Douglasí character had it all rightĒ!   Youíre criticizing the film and its creator because a whack-a-doodle might sympathize with the character that it is satirizing.  Personally, thatís not the way I would look at the film.  Luckily, itís just our opinions and Iím free to enjoy it and youíre free to turn the channel.