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Re: Post US Election Transition Culture
« Reply #645 on: January 16, 2021, 04:07:16 pm »
Tin Foil Hat time:

I mean, obviously none of this proves anything, but it does make me think that Trump was hoping this could be his own version of the Reichstagg Fire.

The competency problem always looms large in my dismissal of most conspiracies that involve shadowy tendrils, roots, or branches of a government or political party. There's so little reason to believe they could execute their secret schemes any better than the one's they commit to aboveboard. That it failed so spectacularly is what makes your theory most credible.

I doubt Trump could even find the word Reichstagg in a historical book never mind cobble it's context together in way that relates to his own which suggests someone like Steve Bannon had more to do with Trump's apparent motives and actions surrounding the insurrection. Stands to reason Trump would recycle some of his original advisors given he's either burned thru all the rest or he's paranoid about who he has left.
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