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Re: Post US Election Transition Culture
« on: November 08, 2020, 01:42:49 pm »
The feeling is that now everything will "go back to normal".  Back to establishment politics.  But there's 70 million people who are still clearly frustrated with that and made this a surprisingly close election, but these people will now be ignored.  Most of the media completely ignores this reality.  If you only watched the media (which is centered in New York and LA) you'd be astonished over the Trump support, it just doesn't make sense to these people.  It will be interesting how the populist movements on the right and left in the US go from here, and what happens in 4 years.

Trump obviously wasn't the right guy to fix this problem, but the problems still remain.

He may have seemed appealing for being an outsider, but once in office, he showed that he's more corrupt than any establishment politician there ever was.  Yet he continued to appeal to his base so obviously it wasn't his outsider credentials they liked.  They actually liked that he is crass, bigoted and dumb.  Here is a rich white guy who in sits in the oval office, yet he is just like THEM.  He represents them. 

Trump was idolized and worshipped by his base, but I don't think anyone other than maybe his sons can fill that void for his base.  My eyes are on Tom Cotton.  I think he will be the next Republican star.
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