Author Topic: Oh how the mighty may start to fall: Jeffrey Epstein case.  (Read 298 times)

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if you're looking for a new Twitter handle to follow... the waldo suggests 'Ken White'... aka @Popehat - a most interesting character who currently practices First Amendment law, civil litigation, and criminal defense; active in podcasts; a contributing writer to The Atlantic, etc:

Quote from: Ken White, former Federal Prosecutor
Great wealth insulates people from consequences, but not always, absolutely, or forever. And even the richest people in America lack the implacable, mindless power of the criminal-justice system. Now that Epsteinís past plea deal is public and radioactively controversial, heís unlikely to get another one. Epstein will have the best criminal defense money can buy, again. But this time, that will probably not be enough to save him.

It is customary, when faced with the grotesque inequalities of the criminal-justice system, to decry the preferential treatment that people such as Jeffrey Epstein enjoy. Rather than complain that Epstein got too much justice, it would be far more productive to complain that most people get too little. Adequately funded criminal defense, bail reform, and other commonsense changes would do far more to improve the system than the prosecution of an occasional billionaire.