Author Topic: Oh how the mighty may start to fall: Jeffrey Epstein case.  (Read 298 times)

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Looks like Alex Acosta, the current labor secretary selected by Trump, could be one of the first to go. He is now under heavy scrutiny over the totally unrealistic sweetheart deal he arranged for child molester \epstein when he was a state attorney in Florida. I suspect/hope he won't be the last.   

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) will call on Tuesday for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign amid growing criticism about his ties to financier Jeffrey Epstein, a source close to the Democratic leader confirmed to The Hill.

“@SecretaryAcosta must step down,” Pelosi tweeted. “As US Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice. This was known by @POTUS when he appointed him to the cabinet.”
Schumer and Pelosi are part of a growing chorus of voices calling for Acosta to resign over the 2008 deal.
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