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Re: Monopolies
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If the health of the economy isn't measured by whether people can obtain work and support themselves, then we need a better way of measuring the health of the economy.

Economists will say that the work will appear as the economy grows, and they have been right.

Now, there have been interventions to encourage distribution/pry the wealth from the investor class.

As liberals, this is what we count on.  And I mean pretty much everyone on this board.

When a lot of money flows upwards quickly, due to technology or some other phenomenon, there can be immediate repercussions that need a remedy.  I feel that that is what we're seeing now, and the fact that our revolution has been so minor is maybe a testimony to us learning things over the centuries.

Go ahead and fight me, though.

And while you're at it, explain how automated vehicles is going to go down.  Here's a hint:

- It's not going to NOT happen
- Boycotts and calls to think of the little guy will not work
- The same people who elected Trump will see their job prospects dwindle significantly
- There will be no work for them in the immediate future

I don't see any other path than guaranteed income, make-work jobs, paid volunteer work and government-manded handouts.