Author Topic: Joe Bidenís #MeToo Problem  (Read 427 times)

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Re: Joe Bidenís #MeToo Problem
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Tara Reade calls on Joe Biden to release Senate documents related to her sexual assault.  So far, Biden and his mainstream media allies are silent.
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Your buddy Trump leads that activity by a mile.

Years after women first came forward to accuse then-presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual assault or harassment, the issue is once again at the forefront of political discourse after another 26 incidents of "unwanted sexual contact" and 43 instances of inappropriate behaviour were detailed in a new book.

The book, All the President's Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator, draws on over 100 interviews ó many exclusive ó and adds to a list of nearly two dozen women who had previously accused him of sexual assault or misconduct.