Author Topic: Explosives sent to Obama, Clinton, Soros, CNN  (Read 628 times)

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Re: Explosives sent to Obama, Clinton, Soros, CNN
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Maybe so, but the church of today isn't the same as it was in years gone by.  Once upon a time a church was an extended family where everyone knew your name and asked how you were and worried about you if you weren't there on Sunday.  Now there are big halls, some the size of sports arenas, where people drive a half hour to get there and sit in a room full of strangers and drive away and don't see each other again until next week. It's not a community in the same sense.

It's like you can be much more alone in a city of a million people than in a small town or a rural area.


Yes I guess that's true. I haven't gone to church in years but when I did it was a small country place where the old farmers, including my grandfather, would gather outside after the service to smoke their pipes and have a chat about how things were going in the fields and the barns. Then I grew up and moved to Toronto. Not quite the same. Luckily it didn't make me become hateful and mail bombs to people. If I was going to mail one though I have no doubt about the address.