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Re: Democrat 2020 presidential nominee?
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You only have to look at their qualifications compared to some of the rubes who are in office. Men have had the political world to themselves and centuries to screw things up, time to give some ladies a turn.

They've screwed things up? How? We are at the pinnacle of human achievement living in the wealthiest, freeist society in the history of the world.

I'm trying to think of a single female politician of any note in Canadian history and failing. Every premier I can think of has been a disaster, as has every female party leader. Help me out here.

Politics is a ruthless, cutthroat profession. Even internal advantage seems to be gained by harsh, strategic decisions, garnering support from various important people, sucking up, doing favours. This is not something women are very good at, generally. The ones that succeed, that play this shitty game, seem to be people so venal and self serving they basically have no morals or ethics (Kathleen Wynne being one example of that breed). I have met and worked for some good, smart, solidly knowledgeable women with great people skills in my time. A couple of Directors General I worked for were among the best I've seen. So I'm not suggesting women can't function capably in leadership roles. But the nasty politics of it goes against their nature, moreso than it does men. Most women instinctively seek compromise, which is a good thing IMO, but they tend to be crushed by men who go for the throat. And while I've met powerful women I liked and admired I've yet to meet one with the charisma to carry a room.

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