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Re: America is Failing!
« on: October 28, 2020, 02:23:25 pm »
China on the other hand is surging ahead because they understand that a country can only succeed in the 21st. century by spreading their existing wealth so that it creates more wealth. My proof is the fact that China has elevated hundreds of millions up out of poverty in a way that's never been duplicated by greedy capitalism.

China can no longer be called communist.  They did poorly under pure communism.  They have skyrocketed economically since they began embracing capitalist reforms beginning in the late 70's after the death of Mao, especially since the fall of the USSR (1991).  They also have a massive population base of workers and consumers (1.4 billion), and modern enough infrastructure and political stability and order that made western companies see it as a place they could do business with and build factories etc.  But there is something to be said about a state that can gear its entire nation towards one pursuit where outliers will be punished.

I'm not an opponent of capitalism, I'm a Canadian! I'm an opponent of US style greedy capitalism.

What you're basically saying is you're against lassez-faire/free-market capitalism with high inequality without adequate distribution of wealth.  I agree with you.

Trump is not the cause of the failure of the US system as Americans in large numbers are getting ready to go into the streets with their guns. Trump is just a symptom. And I'm betting that if Biden wins, he will just be another similar symptom.

I agree 100%.  The American people chose these candidates.  Bernie Sanders was on the Democrat ballot, but he wasn't as electable because many Americans don't want to be like Canada or Scandinavia.

We Canadians should all hate the concept of constitutional government in America, but for good reason. It is a system that is doomed to failure in this 21st. century in which there's only enough wealth to go around if it's equitably shared. But also because the US doesn't share the wealth and so it needs to go to war with other countries to steal their wealth by means of war.

Americans are far, far from understanding that they have to stop waving their flags and their guns, and start considering how to make capitalism work by sharing the wealth.

I must say too that Canada isn't perfect but we're much closer to getting it right. We're #1 for 4 years running on 'quality of life' for the people. The US has fallen to about 15th.

Is the problem that their constitution is broken and outdated or is it that most of the people are misinterpreting what it says and means. I think both factors are playing a part.

And what danger does all this US corruption pose for the bigger world outside their borders, when they take their guns to the streets, which will likely result in the American train falling off the rails?

It's not the system, it's what people choose with that system. Democracy means choice.  Americans put very high value on personal liberties/freedoms.  Gun ownership rights, private healthcare, "money as free speech" rights regarding political donations & campaigning, lower regulation on business and wealth accumulation etc.  They want government out of their lives (yet don't mind a military that puts its finger in everyone else's).  That's what Americans have chosen with their democracy, and given their healthcare outcomes, problems with gun violence, political corruption from corporations, high COVID deaths due to lack of regulations on mask-wearing and closing businesses etc, and income inequality etc., personal liberty is the cross the US has chosen to die on.  In Canada, we have thankfully chosen different.

Any time ideology trumps practicality you get into trouble.  Darwinism: adapt or die.
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