Author Topic: A Message of Hope for Trump's Protestors!  (Read 64 times)

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Re: A Message of Hope for Trump's Protestors!
« on: November 16, 2020, 12:26:09 pm »
That's good you have hunches; it's a sure sign that you're still mentally aware enough to talk politics.

No, I'm no more Trump than Biden. Why should I be for either one of them when I don't give a  fk about their president's domestic policy, when it's obvious that neither of them are capable of fixing it.

I can be for either one of them you like if you can convince me that one of them is better for US foreign policy as it pertains to Canada and the rest of the world. On that I lean slightly to Trump.

But you're a bright boy aren't you? Why not show all of us how bright you can be by convincing any of us that Biden is preferable to Canadians? I'll be easily swayed on the issue if you're capable of anything better than your usual babbling.

I'll keep it simple for ya again l'il buddy: Trump is the laughing stock of much of the rest of the civilized world. approximately 7 of 10 Canadians prefer Biden to Trump, one simple reason is Joe tends to be able to listen to and accept advice from experts in various fields, something Trump fails at miserably.