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General Discussion / Re: Eating culture (or what are you eating)
« Last post by MH on June 25, 2017, 03:12:37 pm »
Corn Pops, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Hummus & Crackers, Delissio Pizza.

I am so fancy.
Canadian Politics / Re: Trudeau to Gay People: Sorry, my bad
« Last post by MH on June 25, 2017, 03:07:49 pm »
Well, there are a lot of angry people out there.

I don't know what the list of BLM demands was, but I would wager that carding was a major problem for them.
General Discussion / Re: Gender Culture
« Last post by MH on June 25, 2017, 03:06:30 pm »

You seem fairly set on the idea that religious views merit consideration above and beyond what someone's personal conscience is, as a matter of law.

Yes, as I said it has to be resolved.  The case of Muslims is a whole other complexity I haven't thought about.

I wasn't discussing "protected by law".  I was scoffing at the notion that BC_C's vegetarianism, which is a matter of deeply-held conscience, is viewed as being less sincere or less worthy of respect than someone who is a vegetarian because a magic book tells them so.

You're scoffing at the constitution, but ok.

For some portion of women who this safe space has been provided for, the presence of trans people will eliminate any sense of safety.

It seems to me that characterizing objections to dongs in the locker room as "aesthetics problems for the delicate" is pretty trivializing.

Point taken, but I was speaking to the comments that people "don't feel comfortable" which to me is not a reasonable test of accommodation.  If people have trauma around seeing penises, then that is a serious matter to consider IMO.

It might not align with the view of some in the ultra-progressive and Ivory Tower world, I agree. I first off think that any woman who says she's in favor of this should get in a locker room and change while a naked male person watches her, to put her money where her mouth is.  It's really easy to *say* you're in favor with something and trivialize or insult the objections of those who don't share your view, but when rubber meets road how many of these ultra-progressives and Ivory Tower types will live up to their talk?

I addressed the trivializing point above.

You call it 'ivory tower', I call it an 'emerging view'.  I expect ultra-progressives will in fact live up to it, but the tough work is ahead in any case as this will be policy soon.
I absolutely understand that trans people are at great risk of encountering hatred and violence.  And I have no wish to contribute to someone feeling unsafe. At the same time, I won't sacrifice my own sense of security in favor of someone else's.  I believe that many women-- the silent majority, probably-- feel the same.

And as I mentioned earlier, I think that Body Blitz thinks so as well.  I think that they've taken this position not because they are hateful people, but because they know that allowing penises into their nude, women-only environment will be a grave threat to their continued financial viability. I believe that many women will not kick up a fuss over the admission of penises, but will simply decide to stop going to Body Blitz.

Hypothetically, if the human rights commission and the fair play committee and the lawyers and whoever else tell Body Blitz that they have to allow dongs in their spa, and Body Blitz ends up closing 3 months later so that nobody has this safe-space anymore, will that be a tremendous victory for human rights?

It may be that women will not visit the spa, or that the spa will change its nudist policy.  It's a tough question, but I will point out there are other women-only spas that don't have nudity which is why BodyBlitz is such a lightning rod.

Also notable that men haven't been making much noise over women-only spas lately, so some questions on human rights do get answered.
Canadian Politics / Re: Trudeau to Gay People: Sorry, my bad
« Last post by kimmy on June 25, 2017, 02:56:55 pm »
I think the protest was effective and unfortunately for Pride, the leadership agreed to the BLM demands last year.

To me it says that Pride is now part of the mainstream, and therefore a target of protest.  If carding ends, I would expect BLM to give up the exclusion of police.  Shouldn't the LGBTQ community stand in solidarity with another oppressed group ?  I think so.

The BLM-Toronto demand to exclude police isn't just about carding.  They contend that the presence of police in the parade is intimidating to non-white participants.  They have a laundry list of issues with police.

Not content with banning Toronto police from participating in the Toronto Pride parade, some are now mad that Toronto police are participating in the New York City Pride parade.

Yesterday, two Toronto women who wore police-like costumes to the Dyke March and carried signs supporting police and first-responders were harrassed and threatened.

Audrey Kouyoumdjian and Carol Pasternak came to the Dyke March wearing costume police hats and toting large signs that said, “My pride includes the police” and “Thank you first responders,” though they are not part of those groups.

“We’re here in support of pride for all,” said Kouyoumdjian. “We don’t want any exclusion. We want everyone to be celebrating Pride and the love of who we are.”

Two women confronted Kouyoumdjian and Pasternak about their sign before the march kicked off.

Parade-goer Martine Genier said she saw the signs spark more conflict later on.

“I saw these two people kind of tearing the signs and throwing them on the ground,” Genier said. “No actual violence (followed), but somebody was trying to push those ladies back.”

This is an article about Kouyoumdjian and Pasternak  from 2010. They're in their early sixties now, and have run a support group for a long time.

Who goes around assaulting 60 year old ladies?

General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« Last post by BC_cheque on June 25, 2017, 02:27:31 pm »
I didn't realise you were joking.   Hey, at least I thought the first part about your wife's friends was pretty funny.  That I knew MUST be a joke.   :D

And you're right, there were probably too much GAAP principles of relevance and reliability in that post. 
Provincial and Local Politics / Re: Rainbow crosswalks
« Last post by jmt18325 on June 25, 2017, 02:11:12 pm »
I had a guy come into work at closing yesterday and explain to me how disgusted he was when he found out he met a gay person the day before.  He said that gays are fine and there's a place for that, but not in Canada.  Also, that he hates gay people.  Needless to say, we still have a lot of work to do.
General Discussion / Re: Eating culture (or what are you eating)
« Last post by jmt18325 on June 25, 2017, 02:08:02 pm »
You're way too fancy for me.

Today I'm going to have either some pho or some Vietnamese vermicelli soup.  I might change my mind before then.
General Discussion / Re: Bargain Culture
« Last post by jmt18325 on June 25, 2017, 02:05:17 pm »
The kimbobbles are no joke, but my shoulders the bigger problem.


I don't know why that stuck in my head - never forgot about the kimbobbles.
General Discussion / Re: The N Word
« Last post by jmt18325 on June 25, 2017, 02:03:49 pm »
It's not the word itself.  It's that when a white person uses it, they're associating themselves with a school of thought that views black people as inferior.  It's not the word itself, it's the message you send out by using the word.


What about when someone like Bill Maher, who obviously doesn't believe black people are inferior, uses it?  I understand how the word is seen and was used.  I understand that he shouldn't have said it.  I also understand that he used it as a comedian (not that it was funny).
General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« Last post by msj on June 25, 2017, 01:59:01 pm »
And humourless...

You're such an accountant BC_C.   ;)
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