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General Discussion / Re: Gender Culture
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:50:07 pm »
What if the spa just had a "no dongs" policy?  If you're trans after surgery with no dong, you're in, if you're trans with a dong you're out.  It wouldn't be about "women" or "men" at that point, just about dongs.  A safe space for muffs.


There wasn't enough evidence to charge OJ Simpson with murder but the reason I still believe he did it has nothing to do with hating him.

OJ was charged for double-murder & went to trial. 

And there seemed like enough evidence to convict him - victims blood all over his bronco, victim-bloody glove on OJ's property - the brilliant defense just "planted" doubt into a largely black jury.

Well, I think the most serious allegation at this point is 'obstruction of justice'... and there is more than enough evidence to elevate that from an 'allegation' to 'this is a thing that likely happened'.

What about the alleged colluding with the Putin gov to undermine Hillary during the election cycle?

I think my sneer towards the original post and this thread is as to how cynical it is (and it is so easy to be cynical).

There is lots of evidence about Trump's connections to Russia (among others).

But lets step back and remember: Comey is no politician.

He would take the oath to testify seriously. Much more so than a Bill Clinton or a Colin Powell (although I do not think Powell was under oath at the UN).

Comey also kept contemporaneous notes.

Trump? He keeps saying something about recordings but can't seem to find them.

If one is going to go down the lazy road of cynicism then I know which one I would be applying it to.

Trump has connections to Russia, that seems pretty obvious.  But there needs to be a link to connect Trump to the other serious allegations. 

Yes, this thread is extremely cynical.  History has taught us lessons over and over again.  Talk is cheap.  I don't think anyone believes anything Trump say already.

No kidding, Sherlock.

You may think this is what you sound like but it isn't. You sound like a MRA with a freezer full of pudding pops jumping at the chance to defend Bill Cosby as yet another woman comes foward.

Trump has self-incriminated himself with his Twitter TL and what his sons have said publicly about Trump's relations with Russia.

Just this evidence alone goes back nearly a decade so we do not need anything from Comey's memos.

In fact, it is how Comey was fired and Trump tweeted about it being related to Russia, to then have Session's testify that Comey was fired for reasons unrelated to Russia, that are so obvious.

Hence why I laugh at your thread. Evidence is not sealed up in a vaccuum full of Comey's memos.

It's been staring us in the face long before the election. 

Sort of like a cocktail served by Mr. Pudding Pop.

There's obviously some kind of relationship between Trump & his admin and the Putin gov.  There's pieces scattered all over the place to point to something that needs to be investigated.  It doesn't look good for Trump.  But some of the more serious allegations are still allegations.  I think most people are just waiting to see it all come out from the investigations.  Others, however, hate the man so much they believe all of the the allegations already.  You can laugh at my thread, but there's a reason they're still investigating & not laying charges...yet.

Forum Administration / Re: Host Censorship
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:27:05 pm »
Boobies.  I have boobies.  I like titties.  Testing titties.

Canadian Politics / Re: Trudeau to Gay People: Sorry, my bad
« on: June 16, 2017, 11:08:46 pm »
Trudeau JR is big on symbolic gestures that don't have do anything concrete.  Pope please apologize for the residential schools while I order a study on murdered & missing aboriginal women...meanwhile studies & apologies don't feed mouths.  Thing is, these types of things create good will but have little or no political or economic cost so it's easy to do & makes you look good.

But I'll give Trudeau credit for Bill C-16 which is actually something other than words.

::) to this thread.

Moonlight Graham reminds me of some contrarian MRA type who would defend Bill Cosby after the 36th woman came forward. 


Do you understand my point!??!  I'm not saying what Comey is saying is false!  And it certainly looks like Trump has had some shady dealings with Russia, I'm NOT defending Trump, that's not my point.  I'm saying don't under-estimate what government is capable of, & don't take anyone's word on its face no matter how "official" it sounds.  Be skeptical, use critical thinking.

American Politics / Re: The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine
« on: June 16, 2017, 09:35:15 pm »
Regardless of how well-informed he is, bias always wins out.

Well everyone has some kind of bias, some kind of philosophical morally of how the world should work that informs heir opinions, yes.

And I've already addressed his arguments, by pointing out things like how the media may rely on profits, those profits are often obtained by catering to left-wing audiences.

I don't think his points are a left-wing or right-wing issue.

Chomsky has a list of interviews on his web site. He has approximately 50 listed since the start of 2016. While many of those are left-wing sources, several of them are main stream, such as the NY Times, and the Guardian.

Yes those are MSM, how how many of them are corporate media?  But i'll point out that The Guardian is a non-profit entity to remain independed (which isn't to say it doesn't have bias, it obviously leans left, but it just doesn't have a conflict of interest with corporations advisers).  Go on their website right now and tell me how many ads you see anywhere...

Democracy Now he seems to go on a lot, and is also left-wing, but also non-profit & doesn't take corporate ad dollars.

Concerning which media outlets Noam goes on, not sure how much of it is Noam personal preferences on how much he likes the outlet VS corporate MSM's unwillingness to have him on.  But i've heard him say in interviews the corporate MSM largely won't invite him on.

I don't see how anyone can disagree with the argument that corporations not only buy influence with politicians and parties, but also buy influence on what will and will not be reported in the news from their ad dollars.  When corporate ad dollars are the way you generate revenue, any outlet is going to face massive conflicts of interest & pressure to please those who pay you.  Also consider that if you're a huge publicly traded company, profit & pleasing shareholders is going to trump "the truth" as long as they can get away with it in the viewers eyes, & considering how stupid most people are, it's probably easier than we realize.

General Discussion / Re: Transit Culture
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:35:03 pm »
So far I'm the only one on 'transit'....  :D

The best thing about transit is that you don't have to drive LOL.  That is, when you wake up in the morning & you're still half asleep you can space out and just sit there like a zombie until you arrive at work/school.

I find it hilarious that the hip urban folks who are most addicted to their cell phones can't use texting or data while on the subway, and for the only time during the day when they have a lot of free time just waiting around it's also the only time they don't have access to their phones.  Since human beings don't actually talk to each other face-to-face in this day & age (again, cellphones), the subway is just people staring into the abyss of their cold dark brains waiting for the drugery of non-cellphone life to end. Or they play Candy Crush.

James Comey is not a politician.  That's where your theory falls apart

No he isn't a politician, he's a very high-ranking government official, and he sure behaves more politically than the vast majority of FBI Directors & other  civil servants.  George Tenet wasn't a politician either, nor J. Edgar Hoover.  Slam dunk i says.

Donald Trump, despite your insistence otherwise, is a politician - just not a very good one.

I never said Trump wasn't a politician, I said he wasn't a tradition Washington politician...until now that is.

Assuming that James Comey is lying without evidence when we in fact have leaked NSA reports that show otherwise is foolish.

I shouldn't have said "assume he is lying", like I said...more like be very skeptical of everything he and every other high-ranking government official says.  Comey, Trump, Trudeau, whoever regardless.

Comey might be right, Trump smells rotten, we know the Russians are a rotten lot.  I'm just amazed at all these people (not saying you) who are so desperate to hang Trump's head on a stake because he's such an a-hole that they buy in to all of this, including the leaked dossier allegations, without much evidence (so far).

The Director of the CIA George Tenet to the FRICKIN PRESDIENT OF THE UNITED STATES:

According to a report by veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward in his book Plan of Attack, Tenet privately lent his personal authority to the intelligence reports about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq.[41] At a meeting on December 12, 2002, he assured Bush that the evidence that Iraq had WMDs amounted to a "slam dunk case."


I'm only using this Tenet/Trump case as just one example to a larger point.  This is the point:

I don't personally have proof of how quantum physics works either.  Should I disbelieve that?

Was quantum physics theorized by politicians?  Or by thousands of scientists publishing tens of thousands of research papers showing results of repeatable experiments?  I'd assume you'd take thousands of scientists word for it because they're generally very reliable.  Government officials?  Not so much.

Personally, I think politicians and certain government officials should should usually be assumed to be lying until proven otherwise.  Or at least their words taken with huge grains of salt & face heavy skepticism until proven otherwise, with evidence.

"We know where they (WMD's) are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad." - Donald Rumsfeld, prior to2003  Iraq invasion.  Did you take his word for it at the time smallc?  I'll admit i probably did...oops!  Well now we have another Donald in hot water...WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE EVERYONE??

There is actually a lot of evidence for some of things that Comey says - Russian interference for example, is proven.  As for Trump, well, he way not be Washington corrupt, but he's probably the most corrupt president in history.  That's after less than 150 days.

Where's the evidence?  People saying it's so doesn't make it so.

Russian interference is proven?  It probably happened, but what's the "proof"?  A newspaper article of some government official saying it happened isn't proof.

American Politics / Re: The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:22:13 pm »
Always amazed that people pay so much attention to Chomsky. He was a linguist, not a political scientist or historian.

Jon Stewart & Rush Limbaugh and a thousand journalist op-ed writers have no political education, but people hang on their words.  I don't agree with Chomsky all of the time but I respect him because he's extremely well-read/informed.  This thread isn't about Chomsky, this is about his argument.

I find it ironic that Chomsky would decry the profit motive when his work has gained him a rather loyal following, even though in theory his work should supposedly be "quashed" by the corporate media.

When is the last time you remember seeing Chomsky interviewed on CNN or most any other MSM news station?

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