Author Topic: Comey & Trump - NEVER believe anything a government official says without evidence  (Read 153 times)

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What about the alleged colluding with the Putin gov to undermine Hillary during the election cycle?
At this point, we don't have any evidence that there was any direct collusion with Trump himself (along the lines of Trump saying "Hey Putin, bro... do me a solid and help smear Hillary, and I'll make it worth your while"), and only circumstantial evidence that members of Trump's inner circle and the Russian government. But the thing is, most people who are critical of Trump aren't saying "We know for sure Trump directly colluded", they are saying "He obstructed investigations", for which there is plenty of evidence.

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I know.  My point wasn't so much that the two are the same, I was just refuting MG's claim that people have made up their minds because they hate Trump.

I didn't hate OJ when I reached the conclusion that the justice system failed.  I reached my conclusion based on the mountain of evidence in spite of the fact that it wasn't enough.

Likewise, there is a mountain of evidence against Trump, but before they try and impeach a president for treason within a Republican controlled legislative branch, they need to be certain the evidence is air tight.

And believing that mountain of evidence even though no charges have been laid has nothing to do with my feelings for Trump. 

It has to do with the evidence so far.
I was just elaborating on your point.
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